Monday, March 19, 2007

Sermons Boring???? Ya gotta be kiddin'!

Recently, I asked what someone thought of a particular sermon...
"Boring," came the straight-faced reply, "It was boring."

Of course, I thought he was joking...He was not.

"Boring," but why? Other than simply being that my preaching was in fact boring, there are a myriad of factors to why someone can become bored with a sermon. Why, couldn't even the greatest preachers become bored with a good sermon?

One blogger lists a number of things that the listener has to do with sermons hitting their mark or driving you to dreamland.

It may be a lack of Preparation: The listener should have arrived having prepared prayerfully, thoroughly (getting enough sleep, reading the passage of Scripture ahead of time), and expectantly.

It may be poor listening skills: The listener should listen worshipfully, attentively, critically, and submissively.

It may be underdeveloped response: The listener should regularly respond thoughtfully, and fully. Rather than having "roast preacher" for lunch, try having the sermon for lunch.

Please link back to this wonderful article. It will help becoming bored with sermons.

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